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Your reference supplier for all your electro-technical equipment needs.

Contact Evolution acts as a key partner of world-renowned manufacturers. We select, market and distribute a wide range of switching and control products. Stock, logistics and our permanent quality approach are a plus for your supply of automation components and systems.

Contact Evolution SA offers its wide range of technological solutions, its responsiveness, flexibility and know-how, so that switching is at the service of your application.

• Large inventory of components
• Kanban / delivery on call
• International shipments

• Wiring and switch customization
• Control board cutting & engraving
• After Sales Service

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From simple cutting or stripping of ends to fully automated tinning we can provide a mono or multi-wire assembled cable / harness made of PVC, silicone, rubber, or PTFE. With terminals, JST, TYCO, Molex, Hirose, Amphenol, Souriau, Positronic, ...

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Flex Jumper System are flexible connections connecting two printed circuit boards. The great flexibility is ensured by the flat rolled copper conductor. Available termination : round and SMD and in different pitches (1-1,27-1,90-2-2,54 mm), etc.) and insulations (Nomex, Polyester, Pen, Kapton and Teflon)

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Flexible Flat Cables (FFC): They are used for direct connections in applications where high flexibility is required, such as touch screens, membrane keypads, plate-to-plate connection, board to solder, etc. Available in versions LIF (Low Insertion Force) or ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) and available with different connectors (AMP, Molex, JST, Samtec, FCI) and different pitches (0.5-1-1.27-2.54 mm).

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Flextrip (FFC or FPC) Economical connection from flexible cables from different manufacturers (Tyco, FCI, Nicomatic, T & B). Available in 1.27 mm or 2.54 mm pitch and in single or double row.  Terminals available in different versions (socket contact, pin contact, solder pin).

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We manufacture assembled cables and harnesses according to your specifications.We use the connectors of the most important manufacturers (FCI-AMP - Molex-Amphenol - Stocko - Neutrik, etc ...)
Our R&D department can collaborate with you from design to production of your cables & harnesses.

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IDC flat cable connection. A fast, economical and safe solution. Available in different pitches (0.635-1-1.27-2.54-3.96 mm).
The connectors used are supplied by the most important manufacturers (FCI-AMP - Amphenol-Stocko-Pancon-Harting-Molex, etc.)